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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there different sizes of stirrups?

Yes, there is a child size (the kidcal) up to size 35 for a maximum weight of 45 kilos and an adult size for all models (securical, competical and randocal) from size 36 to size 45

  • Do all kinds of stirrups fit into the eye of the stirrup?

It depends on the width of the stirrup, it should not be more than 3cm wide and 0.6cm thick. Logically all the stirrup leathers sold in the trade have a smaller dimension and fit without difficulty.

  • Can the stirrups be used without an adapter with classic stirrup leathers?

Yes absolutely, the adapter is a plus in terms of comfort and practicality because it allows the stirrup to be placed in the axis of the foot, parallel to the horse and provides additional comfort for the joints.

  • What size are the adult stirrups?

They are 13 cm wide, 16 cm high without adapter and 19 cm with adapters.

  • Which adapter should I take if I ride in a Western saddle or an Australian saddle?

If you have fenders that are 5.8cm maximum you can take the 6cm adapters beyond you have to take the 7.5cm adapters. For special cases of western stirrups we suggest that you give us the diameter of the stirrup eye axis so that we can adapt the length.

  • Which adapters should I take to ride with standard leathers?

For standard stirrups you need 3cm adapters

  • I have a special order, need a very large stock? Who do I contact if I have questions?

For any special request, or in the event that you cannot find the information you are looking for on our site, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address:

The entire Etrical team will be happy to answer your questions.



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