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Etrical, a storied history

3 facts in brief

  • The company was created in 2004 by Yves Rainfray, former competitive rider and equestrian professional.
  • Etrical is a family owned company in which Yves Rainfray is joined by his children, Clio and Romann Rainfray.
  • Etrical® is a registered trademark and the company’s invention is covered by a French patent.

A Life On Horseback

Yves Rainfray was born in Normandy into a farming family.

At the urging of his father, he started riding horses when he was 11.

When he was 16, he went to live in Fontainebleau to work as a groom in an equestrian center.

This experience opened the door for him at Marcel Rozier’s equestrian center in Bois-le-Roi, where he began to learn show jumping.

Two years later, he became a jumper for La Pierre, a horse breeder known for raising international champions (young horse trials and national pro level 2).

In 1975, Yves Rainfray opened a stable and pony club in La Ferté-Saint Aubin, near Orléans in the department of the Loiret. He continued to manage the stable for almost 20 years before starting ÉTRICAL.

Safety above all

During his career, Yves Rainfray witnessed a number of dramatic falls where riders were dragged along the ground by their stirrups. Horrified by what he saw, he started looking for a way to make total safety available to all riders.

He tested different safety stirrups, but found none satisfactory...

Finally, he decided to take an innovative approach and create his own stirrups : the Étrical stirrups.

Yves Rainfray makes his products available for sale in equestrian centers as well as to individuals; his stirrups are designed for classic equestrian activities as well as outdoor riding, and insure a maximum level of safety.

To evolve, one must be creative

Using feedback from its customers, Étrical is constantly refining its equestrian products.

Development Timeline

2004 Sécurical: a multi-use safety stirrup.
2008 Randocal for increased comfort: the Randocal stirrup has the same body as the Sécurical stirrup but with a wider bed, foam, and anti-slip rubber.
2013 Development of an adaptor that permits any Etrical stirrup to work with saddles equipped with fenders, or even Western saddles.
2014 Development of a single branch stirrup ... Stay tuned !


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